With traps around the district already catching the first outbreak of fruit flies for the season, residents are being advised that additional traps are now available for free from the Mildura Visitor Information and Booking Centre.

The roll out of the Queensland Fruit Fly traps was completed two weeks ago by the Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area Committee.

People are being reminded to keep vigilant and make sure all properties that were given the traps, hang them in trees or on structures as soon as possible.

Environmental Sustainability Councillor Judi Harris said the onset of warmer weather means the flies will be on the move in search of food.

“If for some reason you didn’t receive a trap or you have a large property and would like some additional traps, then please pop into the Mildura Visitor Information Centre at the corner of Deakin and Twelfth Streets and collect some for free,” Cr Harris said.

 “This is not a game – it is vitally important to our horticultural industry that everyone takes this seriously and does their part.”


In addition to hanging the traps, the community is urged to monitor all trees closely. It is anticipated that the earlier roll-out of traps this year will significantly improve the problem the district faced last year in terms of fruit fly infestations. 

“We need to reduce the fly numbers in the next few months before most of the region's trees bear fruit,” Cr Harris explained.

 “If you have early producing fruit trees, such as loquats, please check them carefully for signs of fruit fly and remove any infested fruit immediately.”

“And remember – if you can’t maintain your fruit trees, please think seriously about removing them completely,” Cr Harris said.

Further information about the Queensland Fruit Fly trapping program is available from the Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area Committee at www.pestfreearea.com.au