Police are continuing to investigate a hit-run collision in Walnut Avenue on Saturday night and are calling for witnesses.

Police said that at around 7:30 pm on Saturday a “hit-run” collision occurred in Walnut Avenue between 14th and 15th Street in Mildura. Information so far indicates that a white utility collided with a parked car before driving off.

The vehicle may have been driving with its headlights off and there may have been an unrestrained dog in the rear of the utility.

Mildura Highway Patrol members would like to hear from anyone who may have witnessed the collision or saw this vehicle being driven to contact Senior Constable Kilroy at the Mildura Highway Patrol on 5018 5300.

It’s believed that the vehicle may have been intercepted by Police in 15th Street Mildura short time later at a breath test station.

The utility was left out the front of Centro unlocked with window down for a several days.