Owner of Mildura’s biggest gym complex Club Aquarius John Hollywood has offered a lifeline to current members of the FIT Gym which is shutting down from May 12.

Mr Hollywood said he was prepared to carry over whatever weeks membership they have left at FIT for those who take out a $365 years membership with Aquarius.

He said already he had sold a full year to one FIT member who signed up a month ago, which means that he will get a full 52 weeks membership plus 48 weeks remaining for the price of his $365 Aquarius membership.

“FIT members just need to bring along their paperwork and if they take out a years membership with me, I will then honor the weeks remaining on their FIT membership,” Mr Hollywood said.

FIT owner Darren Harcoan says that the decision to close the gym was for financial reasons and he was sorry he could not refund membership.

“If I had the amount of money required to refund them I wouldn't need to close the gym ,” he said

“Operating the FIT gym has been my life dream to own and I have poured every cent I have into trying to save it.”

Mr Harcoan said he has done everything he could  to help his  members to continue their fitness journey by negotiating deals with other gym in town and keeping the gym open for as long as possible at his personal expense to give them time to choose their future gym.

He said that an established business in Orange Avenue has very graciously offered to let me use a small part of the space for my sponsored fighters to train.

“Hopefully I can help some people in this way.”