Residents of Mildura Rural City Council who have unregistered pets could be facing fines.

Despite the deadline for pet registrations passing well over a month ago, there are still more than 2000 animal registrations in the municipality which have not been renewed.

Council staff are now door-knocking and phoning pet owners to ensure animals are registered, and in cases where they aren’t, residents may be fined.

Pet registration is compulsory in all Victorian Council areas and is a valuable tool for owners who may lose their animals, as their pets can be quickly and easily identified if found by Council staff or by a member of the public.

Pet registration fees vary depending on the animal and whether it has been de-sexed.

Pensioner discounts are also available. Newly registered pets must also be microchipped.

For a full list of pet registration fees, as well as further information about pet ownership and registration forms, visit