Mildura’s Christie Centre is organising its first donation campaign to raise around $27,000 to purchase for its Aroundagain operation a new forklift to avoid and reduce usable items from going into the waste system

Executive Officer of the Christie Centre Inc Florence Davidson said the Centre is always looking at what’s next as part of our continual quality improvement.

“It is our connection to our community that sees us asking for some extra support to make this possible,” Ms Davidson said.

“Our next project  for Aroundagain, is the establishment of a specialist Builders Yard.

Ms Davidson said the yard will focus on stripping out all recyclable and saleable items from buildings being demolished and make them available for purchase by the community.

“Many items recovered from these demolitions will be large and potentially heavy, making the purchase of a forklift essential to ensure safe handling procedures within this expansion.

“This is the first time we have organised a donation campaign on this scale” said Ms Davidson.

Established in 2006 to avoid items previously sent to Mildura Rural City Councils landfill, Aroundagain collects donated goods for resale or repurpose, selling over 1000 items each week.

Ms Davidson said Aroundagain is a social enterprise and therefore, all income is reinvested back into the operation enabling us to employ people living with a disability in a supported environment.

If you can help or would like further information please contact the Christie Centre on 5023 2761.