Construction work is well advanced on a $2.4 million upgrade to the sports bar and coffee shop area at the Coomealla Club at Dareton.

Manager of the Coomealla Club Mr Craig Muir said that concrete pouring along with plumbing and air conditioning services work had been completed and the next step was to fit out the upgraded area.

He said the upgrade would not extend the actual size of the Club but would improve the coffee shop area and the sports bar area to make both more functional.

Mr Muir said that coffee shop area would be extended and the works would allow for a kids section.

“The works will basically expand the coffee shop area into both and indoor and outdoor area café,” he said.

“It will have a much bigger servery area and will be integrated with the bar area to make it much more practical for staffing.”

At present the coffee shop is still operating from a make-shift area in a corner near the lift to the upstairs auditorium.

Work on the project began back on July 12 and is now more than a third completed.

Mr Muir said that the work was scheduled for completion by around November 3 and when completed will pave the way for further staged upgrading in other areas of the club in the near future.