Last week local Police became aware of a suspicious vehicle being involved in theft offences and service station drive-offs in Gol Gol and Mildura.

About 1.30pm on Friday Police identified the vehicle, being a silver Holden sedan on the Sturt Highway at Gol Gol. 

It will be alleged the vehicle was fitted with stolen registration plates, and the female driver failed to stop for Police. 

A pursuit occurred reaching speeds of over 100 kilometres an hour through the 60 zones, and included overtaking an ambulance and heavy vehicles.  

The vehicle eluded Police and was last seen crossing into Mildura over the Chaffey Bridge.

The following day Police attended a Gol Gol address where a 24 year old female and a 33 year old male were arrested without incident.

 It will be alleged the female was in possession of an amount of methylamphetamine, and she was charged with a number of serious offences including dangerous driving whilst attempting to evade Police and possession of prohibited drugs

 It was discovered that both persons were suspects in other offences involving police pursuits in January, and were wanted in other states for similar offences. 

They were both charged with further dangerous driving offences and refused bail by Police.

 The male and female will next appear at Wentworth Local Court on the November 7 this year.