A police operation which involved a mix of different strategies was conducted by NSW Police over the weekend at the occasion of the Ted Hurley Ski Race Classic

The operation was to combat opportunistic theft, drink driving and antisocial behaviour.

Police said that while the event itself is always very well run by the Mildura Ski Club, the Police response is in relation to the increased population over the weekend.

Police said that they were pleased that there were no significant issues in any of the licensed premises and Police thank the licensees of the Crown, The Royal and the Captain Sturt hotels for the way they ran their establishments. 

There were no instances of theft reported and no significant traffic issues.

Police said that the only incident over  the weekend occurred opposite the Crown Hotel about 10.30pm on Saturday night, where a large group of juveniles got involved in harassing local people and patrons, some being visitors to Wentworth for the ski racing. 

This culminated in throwing rocks and other objects at the hotel beer garden and behaving offensively.

Police investigations are well underway and as most of the persons involved are known to them, on  evidence gathered so they will be taking action against a number of these persons.