Coming into the warmer weather it is Police experience that street offences, particularly involving intoxicated persons tends to increase.

About 7pm on Sunday afternoon NDW Police were in Wentworth dealing with an unrelated matter when they  were alerted to two males preparing to fight behind the Club Motel. 

The two males, being a 21 year old Mildura man and a 58 year old from Melbourne had an altercation of some sort in the hotel carpark, both had been drinking, and this resulted in them swearing and grappling with each other, followed by shaping up to fight.

They ignored Police directions to stop and as a result OC spray was used to separate them. 

They were treated at the scene by ambulance for the OC effects, and subsequently both issued infringement notices for $500 each.

Police would remind members of the public behaving offensively in public, whether by language or actions is an offence.

That includes fighting in public whether the parties agree or not. 

The consequences can be a ticket such as what happened at Wentworth up to and including arrest