Local Government and Support agencies have moved into top gear in an attempt to get drug rehabilitation and detoxification facilities into Mildura. 

 The initiative has been funded and supported through the collaboration of Irymple Rotary, the Mildura Rural City Council, the Royal Flying Doctor Service and others.

The project is being managed through the Sunraysia Community Health Service and additional funding has been sourced through a Federal Government grant for the development of a ‘Local Drug Action Team’.

The newly appointed Chair of the Local Drug Action Team, Councillor Simon Clemence said funding had been received from Government, local agencies and philanthropic organisations in support of a push for drug and alcohol rehabilitation and detoxification services in North Western Victoria which our preliminary inquiries indicate is lacking.  

“Irymple Rotary, the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Mildura Council have each donated $10,000 to enable this project to develop.”

 “This demonstrates a great commitment by these organisations to the health of this community and a desire to help desperate people in need.”  

The Local Drug Action Team have engaged with research company ‘360 Degree Edge’ to conduct a professional and evidence based needs analysis.

 It is believed this analysis will show there is a significant need for drug and alcohol services in North Western Victoria. 

This will then lead to the development of a business case that will be put to Government in an effort to secure funding.

CEO of the Sunraysia Community Health Service Simone Heald says this analysis will be a welcome opportunity to initially review current service delivery in Mildura and surrounding communities and assist in determining further requirements to address drug and alcohol issues for our community.” 

It is anticipated that the results of the research will be known by April next year at which time the Local Drug Action Team will move to lobby Government for appropriate services in accordance with the research results.

“We believe the research will demonstrate a strong need for enhanced drug and alcohol services.” Cr Clemence said. 

“Our business case will reflect the evidence based research and we will then fight for funding to obtain those services.”

 “There are no guarantees when it comes to Government funding as there are competing priorities, but we will be giving it our very best shot.”