The first release of 2000 fish fingerlings has been made into the Ouyen Lake project which is now quickly taking shape.

The release of 1000 Golden perch fingerlings and 1000 silver perch fingerlings was made on Tuesday following a meeting with representatives of the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) regarding the stocking of native fish in the lake.

The meeting a couple of weeks ago saw Ouyen Lake project volunteers meet on site with the VFA Fisheries Manager Brian Mottram and Project Officer for Target One Million Lachlan Jones.

Target One Million involves the VFA having one million people enjoying recreational fishing by the year 2020.

Both men indicated they were impressed at the current stage of the lake and progress being made.

Varieties and numbers for the future were discussed and it was decided that Golden and Silver Perch would be the fish of choice as recommended by the experts.

To the extreme delight and surprise of Ouyen Lake project volunteers they were notified within days of a delivery of fingerling's coming their way.

On Tuesday this week 1000 fingerlings of each species were added to the lake by some very excited committee members.

But the Mallee recreational fishermen will have to wait because it is estimated it will take around three years before the newly released fish will grow to a 'keepable' size.