Environmental and recreation group Carbarita Inc says it has become aware that shooters may return to the Lake Hawthorn area this weekend.

Cabarita Inc chair Kim Trigg said she thought the shooters  might not come after last years fiasco but  at least Lake Hawthorn residents  have some notice this time.

“We are working to communicate with all departments and relevant bodies that may have a say in this process,” Ms Trigg said.

“We are trying to determine the legal ownership and zoning of the lake bed in relation to how gaming management have deemed it - and I think the gun may have back fired but it is yet to be confirmed.”

“Those people who have formal concerns should probably direct them to Mildura Rural City Council  as we believe they may be the best advocate for our issue at the moment and we will continue to investigate our communities future actions as we dig through the complicated ownership red tape of what is Lake Hawthorn”

Ms Trigg said that for those people who own land adjacent to Lake Hawthorn that offers vehicle access can always consider their signage rights in regard to trespassing.”

Ms Trigg said her group also supported the Merbein Common in their battle as they have been going through a more prolonged fight than her group and could do with the support.

While the Merbein Common had been indicated by local member Peter Crisp as being one of the three areas in the municipality where duck shooters could operate, current signage appears to have that area closed.

“I want to clarify that I am not anti-duck shooting all together, otherwise I might be divorced, but our committee have worked very hard over many years to get positive improvements at the lake and we haven’t scratched the surface yet,” Ms Trigg said.

“But reduced numbers of birds mean’s less hope of getting our ultimate goals of environmental and community sustainability.”

Ms Trigg said the land surrounding the lake is also owned by a number of entities and in some cases on-leased so the level of permissions duck shooters may have to gain could be quite complicated.

“I hope the police, who will be monitoring things ask for written consent by land holders and not just take people on their word or the word of the Goulburn Murray Authority (GMA)  as the access points they use to access the lake is also of question.

It appears the land within Lake Hawthorn is owned/managed by multiple entities including College Lease Trust, Mildura Rural City Council, Lower Murray Water and Goulburn Murray Water and to top it off it has a road reserve (Dyar Avenue) running all the way through it.