The Rail Revival Alliance Victoria group which is pushing for more freight and passengers to be moved by rail in Victoria says that Ballarat can only become a regional Rail Hub if it is connected to the bulk of lines around the State,

The group has raised concerns at the recent removal of track points that connected the Castlemaine line to Maryborough have been removed during the standardisation of the Maryborough to Yelta rail link.

Ballarat is being considered as a Rail Hub as it would become the apex for the lines to Horsham, Hamilton, Portland and Mildura.

However, the group says that Ballarat will be a Rail Hub in name only as it will be the apex for only a third of the state's rail and that would increase to three quarters of the state if the Bendigo - Geelong Rail Link was connected to Ballarat.

The alliance says this would legitimise Ballarat being identified as a Rail Hub with the inclusion of the Bendigo - Geelong Rail Link.

Re-instating this link (which previously existed) would link lines to the North with the South as well as the East and West, providing the same principles of moving freight and commuters to traverse the state, without congestion and limiting carbon emissions and taking with each freight train 110 trucks off the road.

The Alliance says that this would benefit the environment and reduce the cost of road maintenance.

Pictured: The separation of the Ballarat to Bendigo line link between Castlemaine and Maryborough made during the standardisation of the Maryborough to Yelta new freight link.