The way that several Mildura Rural City Councillors sniping at the efforts of Federal and State Politicians could be said to be more damaging than helpful in the long term interests of the City.

Cr Max Thorburn says that the constant attack by some councillors against the National Party member for Mallee Andrew Broad is certainly not improving the chances of ratepayers securing the amount of money we want for important future projects,

“Quite frankly the anti-National banter against Mr Broad will not see him unseated at the next Federal election.”

Cr Thorburn said that over recent decades the Mallee had genuine representation provided by Peter Fisher and John Forrest, who were honest types but not of ministerial material.

“Both gave great parliamentary service and became party whips but never got the chance to take the next step of being a Minister in a Government in power.”

“For some time I have watched the public speaking efforts of Mr Broad, in particular one of his speeches at Robinvale delivered without a script and just jotted reminders.”

“You only have to watch Federal Parliament question time on TV to work out that the orators – the people who can speak fluently and intelligently off the cuff on practically any topic are those who become Ministers”

“I might say to the residents of Mildura Rural City that after several decades we have finally put a guy in Parliament who has Ministerial potential.”

“Becoming a Minister brings a realm of power that very few Mildura representatives in Parliament have ever experienced.”

“They become a major part of the policy process and have a significant say in where the money is spent.”

“As a Mildura Rural City Councillor I believe that as it is not a case of Mallee being a marginal seat,  it is in our best interests to support Mr Broad in his climb to becoming a Minister.”

“We had a chance back in the nineties to have our local State member of Parliament Craig Bildstien as a Minister but he didn’t get the job because we voted him out in favour of independent candidate Russell Savage.”

“Over the years most of the good City Councillors were also good orators – today I have to say it is very disappointing to find that most Councillors have to sit and read what they say from a script.”

“After 12 months one would expect that they make the effort to go beyond the script stage to just a few notes and key phrases”.

“If Mr Broad was a champion runner the whole area would be getting behind him to win gold at the next Olympics so now when we finally put in Parliament a guy who is close to becoming a future Minister why doesn’t the district embrace the same concept and take him to his maximum.”

Cr Thorburn said that Mr Broad will retain his seat and after clearing that hurdle we should be cheering him all the way to the line for a Ministerial post.

“That’s where we can get some influence and power and get the funding we need for our major projects,”

“I am quite sure that if we push for Mr Broad to get as high as he can in the party system, the ultimate beneficiaries will be all the residents of the municipality and that includes the people who voted for the other parties outside the coalition.”

“Small time thinking politics which we are seeing continually in our current Council has its place but at the end of the day we are not successful  because we haven’t got the right person at his best level