Sunraysia residents are being encouraged to take up the challenge to go ‘plastic-free’ this month as part of a worldwide initiative to cut the amount of plastic waste going to landfill, reduce our eco footprint and help the environment.

Mildura Rural City Council is calling on locals to join in Plastic Free July by choosing to refuse single-use plastic items for a day, a week or even the entire month of July.

Environmental and Farming Sustainability Portfolio Councillor Anthony Cirillo said recent plastic bag bans by major supermarket chains made now an ideal time for locals to think about the amount of plastic waste they were creating.

“Plastic is a huge issue for the environment,” Cr Cirillo said.

“It takes hundreds of years to break down. In fact every piece of plastic that was ever made is still in existence.”

Things like shopping bags, straws, takeaway containers and coffee cups take up a huge amount of space in landfills and are some of the most common items people litter.

While some plastics can be recycled, Cr Cirillo said this alone was not enough, and that we needed to all look for ways to reduce the amount of plastic we purchase and use in the first place.

Mildura Rural City Council staff will be taking up the Plastic Free July challenge and aiming not to use single-use plastic on Tuesday 24 July.

“There are lots of simple things you can do to cut your use of plastic, like opting for a reusable coffee cup instead of a disposable one, packing your own shopping bags for the supermarket or using resealable containers instead of cling wrap in the kitchen.”

For more information about Plastic Free July or to register your school, organisation or workplace to take part go to