Residents of Irymple who lodged a near record number of objections to the issue of a giant Billboard at an Irymple major intersection with traffic lights are now being asked to further support its opposition.

Irymple resident Tracey Meyer, one of the residents who strongly opposes the big sign and has helped rally the community   the latest update was the lodgement of a V-CAT hearing by the commercial applicant Total Outdoor Media.

The planning application when taken to Council with more than 200 local objections was rejected by Mildura Rural City Councillors.

Ms Meyer said that local firm James Goldsworthy Consulting is representing Total Outdoor at the VCAT hearing.

Ms Meyer said her group has written to VCAT asking that it’s hearing be shifted to Mildura considering the 250 objectors.

“We need to get a message to all those who want to be a party to fill out the "statement of grounds" so that their reasons for objecting can be taken into consideration at the VCAT hearing, Ms Meyer said,

“No fees are required if you don't want to speak at the hearing.”