"Ambulances are responding faster to life-threatening emergencies in the Mildura Rural City, while elective surgery waiting lists are at record lows," according to the Labor Government in information released this month.

Data for the June quarter shows that "Victoria’s elective surgery waiting lists at June 30 had dropped to 36,096 patients – that’s the lowest number on record, and a major improvement from the record high 50,054 waiting for surgery when the Liberals were in power," the Labor Government proudly claimed.

What the Government didn't reveal is that Mildura Base Hospital as the only "for profit" managed public hospital in the state of Victoria are not required to keep or maintain elective surgery waiting lists like other public hospitals in the state.  The Governments claim that "elective surgery waiting lists are at record lows" may be true for the rest of Victoria, but for the privately managed Ramsay Health facility, the same cannot be said.

The lobby group, Mildura Hospital Conversation are meeting with the office of the Victorian Health Ministers office next week and plan to take the Ministers advisors to task about the misleading claims being made by the government in regards to health care in Mildura.

Secretary of the group, Jo Rodda said "if the Government want to include our region in their health data as part of statewide figures, then we demand to have a health service that operates under the same model as every other public hospital in the state."

"This anomaly has gone on long enough, we want our hospital back" Ms Rodda said.

This week the Emergency Department of the hospital operated with five doctors short of the number required, which resulted in total chaos and the subsequent resignation of the Nurse Unit Manager of that department, Ms Rodda claimed.   

The term of the current contract for the operation of the Mildura Base Hospital was extended to 2020 by the previous Liberal/National Government and is currently under negotiation by the Labor Government.