After months of speculation Steve Timmis has finally put his hand up as a candidate for the Victorian election.

Timmis and local chiropractor Tony Alessi who also put his hand up today, have both long been expected to stand in a plan that election watchers have been foretelling. 

Timmis announced mid afternoon today (Friday) with the following statements on his facebook page. "Enough is Enough, it's time to step up and yell it from the rooftops that we are fed up with being treated like second class citizens of Victoria. Stop Regional Discrimination We demand equality.

I have decided to run for the seat of Mildura in this coming Victorian State Election in November. For those who say an independent is not going to change anything, I say to you that the chances of an independent, or group of independents holding the balance of power is again a strong possibility. People in general, particularly those in the bush are fed up with mainstream politics and big party politicians. It can't be any worse!

My message is simple Allocate 25% of state resources (financial and human) into the regions where 25% of the population reside. This will, in time, fix almost every issue we have.

Enough of this rural discrimination Enough of total neglect Enough of making as(sic) beg for crumbs

The only thing any governments(sic) have is what we give them, it is their prime responsibility to deliver services equitably.

It's NOT their money, it's ours, we all pay more than our fair share in taxes"

Timmis joins current Member Peter Crisp, Ali Cupper, Labor hopeful Tony Alessi and Green Candidate Cathryn Milne in the battle for the seat.