From Monday calls to 000 because of a medical emergency may results in firefighters being the first to respond.

The program is a $47 million Victorian Government initiative.   The Emergency Medical Response program (EMR) is aimed at increasing life-saving medical help in emergency situations.

All CFA brigades, where professional firefighters work alongside volunteers have been provided training under the program which will see firefighters attend life-threatening call outs in addition to Ambulance Victoria paramedics.

The co-responder program between CFA and Ambulance Victoria is designed to help protect more Victorian lives by providing life-saving medical assistance.

Ambulance Victoria says it is the result of a successful pilot, and is already well-established in Melbourne.
It says early CPR provides blood flow to a person's brain and vital organs, meaning they have a better chance of survival when medical help arrives.

Mildura is one of Thirty-five CFA brigades across the state that will be implementing the EMR program.