Sunraysia residents are urged to ensure their properties are prepared for the upcoming Fire Danger Period, which starts on Monday 15 October.

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) has declared the 2018/2019 Fire Danger Period starts at 1am on Monday, meaning fires cannot be lit in the open air unless a permit has been obtained or specific requirements have been met.

As part of the Fire Danger Period declaration, Council’s Civic Compliance Officers will start inspections on properties throughout the municipality to ensure they don’t pose a fire-risk.

Councillor for Community Safety Simon Clemence said residents should make sure they have reduced potential fuel loads, such as long grass, leaves, twigs, bark and other ‘fine fuels’ on their land, whether to establish fire breaks or clean up their entire property.

“Residents have a responsibility to minimise any fire risk their properties pose, particularly after such a dry winter,” Cr Clemence said.

“By reducing potential fuel loads, residents are not only reducing the fire risk on their own properties, but those of their neighbours as well.”

Both the Local Government Act 1989 and the Country Fire Authority Act 1958 stipulate that landowners must not allow their properties to become unsightly or a potential fire hazard.

“Council works with other agencies, such as the CFA, to monitor fire risk and will continue to do so throughout the coming months,” Cr Clemence said.

Information about fire permits, fire safety and keeping your property tidy is available on Council’s website, or the CFA’s at

The Fire Danger Period will remain in force until 1 May 2019 unless otherwise notified.

If you intend to burn-off on your property during the Fire Danger Period, fire permits must be obtained from the CFA.

For more information contact Council’s Municipal Fire Prevention Officer Sarah Peachey on (03) 5018 8100.