Just moments ago, the VEC confirmed the news we've been waiting for ...
After years of safe-seat stagnation, our region has chosen to change the game with a strong, independent voice in Spring Street!

I am eternally grateful for your faith in me and I promise to deliver results over the next four years.
To my extraordinary family, friends, supporters and volunteers, I dedicate to you this inspiring image of leadership. It’s an image that I often think about, especially in the tougher moments.

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This is Ilona Legin, a young woman, in the ‘prime’ of her life, dying of cancer, speaking truth to power: telling men in high places that we are not second-class citizens, that we deserve parity with the rest of the State, that privatised public hospitals don’t work and that WE WANT OUR HOSPITAL BACK. This girl was a legend and this win is dedicated to her.
As your newly elected MP, I will methodically work through all our priority projects: roads, rail, rate reform, sports and tourism infrastructure to name a few. But my first order of business will be healthcare – GPs for our small towns, a residential drug rehab centre, better in-patient psychiatric services for our children and a REAL PUBLIC HOSPITAL for Mildura. Why healthcare? Because it’s a matter of life or death and WE DESERVE THE BEST #TreatUsLikeVictorians #GameOn
- Ali Cupper MP" as posted on Ali Cupper Independent Facebook page around 3.30pm Tuesday afternoon.