It is believed that Lower Murray Water has been requested by the State Government to minimise power useage today. It is believed that airconditioning in the buildings will be turned off as the temperature reaches 40 degrees.

The Andrews State Government, in their rush to renewables, has asked LMW to turn off the airconditioning and minimise power useage tomorrow as the mercury reaches 40 degrees across the State putting pressure on power supplies.

With staff refusing to work in hot offices it is also believed that water may not be available for crops, leaving farmers dangerously exposed to the elements. This move may see crops and plantings badly affected and may leave the State Government open to litigation from the many hundreds of property owners.

While locals understand there is very little care for our community in Melbourne, there is a remaining need for water being guarenteed for hot and extreme weather occasions. Hot and extreme weather days are the ones that need water to be available to ensure crops are not lost or badly affected.

Farmers and the community in general, have every right to be angry and feel abandoned by the State Government with the second rate citizen treatment faced by people living in Mildura and surrounding regions.