Mildura Police have been taunted in facebook posts by a young man wanted for questioning by Police, after his photograph was posted on the Police Eyewatch Page.

Police wish to speak to 27 year old Michael Webb but Webb has advised on his own facebook page that he intends to "lay low" until he's ready to come forward.

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Webb left the following message for Police on his facebook page (some parts have been edited):

ATTENTION MILDURA POLICE: Due to having your page set so people can't post publically I would like to inform you by commenting here that I am well aware of Tuesdays attempts at storming several locations trying to locate me to bring me in for whatever reason you may have. Without tooting my own horn I'd like to let you know that if I don't want to be found I won't be, I have never been one to run from my problems nor am I one to run from the law but when there is 10-15 officers storming properties with force you can't blame me for being somewhat intimidated by it all. I am well aware of where you received your misleading and false information and let me assure you I'm not your average spastic who allows themselves to be put in such positions without having some sort of proof or plan which can verify my innocence. Sadly the police aren't the best listeners because you all have an opinion on us "criminals" and for whatever reason get some twisted enjoyment out of watching us suffer whether we're innocent or not so I've taken the necessary measures to guarantee my own wellbeing mentally as well as physically. I will hand myself in as soon as I have a written and signed agreement of some sort because I refuse to put myself in danger of any kind for some pethetic little weasel who isn't willing to cop his punishment for his own action's so he tries to bring those down around him without thinking of the consequences first. Most will read this and think how much of a d***%#@d I am or put in that category I spoke of before but like they say "never judge a book by it's cover" I was once a very successful person.....but because of my nature and upbringing I see the best in people who realistically don't deserve a dollop of dogs#%t for breakfast let alone my pitty which resulted in some poor choices to protect the scumbags who couldn't care less about me. The legal system is an absolute joke and needs to be re-evaluated thoroughly and quick because eventually you will turn civilization into the actual monsters you label us as with very little control of everybody's actions. I refuse to voluntarily hand over my freedom for these people anymore but unlike the putrid mongrels I have morals and refuse to hand them over nor mention their name, I will co-operate the best I can but if it's names you're looking for then you're asking the wrong person. I am in no way saying I'm an angel who has done nothing wrong because we all make mistakes and do silly things but taking ones freedom based on knowledge you've been given by a low life to society with no heart, soul, emotion or even remorse then you should understand why I'm taking you all on a wild goose chase. As I stated before, written agreement with clearly stated conditions and I will happily hand myself in, until then I recommend that you stop aimlessly trying to locate me because you will succeed about as much as what a man with no arms would in an arm wrestle. This is in no way me being a smart a#%e, this is me being smart and protecting myself.

I can be contacted on 0415598104 or feel free to email me so we can discuss this further.

Thankyou, kindest regards

Michael Webb


Anyone with information can contact Mildura Polic on 5018 5300 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000