NSW Primary Industries and Regional Water Minister Niall Blair was forced to avoid an angry crowd waiting for his arrival at Menindee today after threats were made on his life.

The death threats were made following the death of up to a million fish in the Darling River this week was conveniently blamed on an algae bloom in the river, bypassing the issue of needless water releases and drying off of the Menindee Lakes.

Locals are noy buying the feeble excuses offered by Governments but rather blaming the ongoing  mismanagement and draining of the lakes by the Murray Darling Basin Authority.

It is understood dozens of threats against the Minister were made on Facebook following the release of an emotion charges video recorded by a couple of local farmers. 

The farmers Rob McBride and Dick Arnold were filmed holding two dead 100-year-old Murray Cod, the video has gone viral with over one million hits being recorded.

The Minister was forced to speak to the locals at another location where Police were able to attend and ensure the meeting didn't get out of hand.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Department of Primary Industries Senior Fisheries Manager, Anthony Townsend blames an algae bloom and drought conditions in Western New South Wales, however this type of event has happened before on the Darling with locals claiming similar mismanagement of the river flows being at fault.

Richard Kingsford, Director of the Centre for Ecosystem Science at the University of NSW has been reported in the press as claiming the Menindee Lakes have been drained twice in the past four years which made such disasters more likely.