The 2018 Australian Penny Farthing Tour has kicked off in the Victoria’s High Country, the start of tackling a journey down the full length of the longest river in Australia.

This year's instalment of The Australian Penny Farthing Tour is ‘The Murray River Ride’ with Mildura’s Steve Timmis as one of the participants.

The ride starts began Saturday in Khancoban, NSW, the highest town along the Murray river; and after riding 1400km finishes on the 5th of May in Goolwa, SA, where the Mighty Murray River meets the ocean.

The Australian Penny Farthing Tour is an annual event conceived and organized by Dan Bolwell, the man behind ‘Penny Farthing Dan’ bicycles.

The Penny Farthing, or Highwheel, design dates back to the 1870’s and although these bicycles had their heyday for only about 20yrs, it took many more years before another bicycle could go faster.

The Penny Farthing was the first bicycle that was capable of being ridden comfortably for 160 kms (100 miles) in a day, and of reaching speeds as high as 50km/hr (32mph), so it was unrivalled in its time”.

The Australian Penny Farthing Tour has been designed so that riders get an opportunity to use the Penny Farthing in the setting that it was originally designed for, and to ignite a sense of adventure in the participants.

This year 10 riders from both Australia and New Zealand are participating with the Australian Penny Farthing Tour ‘The Murray River Ride’ is being run over a fortnight.

Mr Timmis said the ride was on his bucket list as it follows the Murray River Road along the entire length of the Murray River will certainly will be “The Mother of all Road Trips’ and something for every adventurous Australian to achieve.

The Penny Farthing tour will pass through Mildura around May 5 2018.