A frost covered Newey field greeted players the first game of the Sunraysia baseball League semi-finals which had Eagles v Saints in the C Grade competition with Eagles victorious advancing them through to the grand final.

Saints now play next week in a do or die knock out second semi against wanderers.

The B Grade final was between Wanderers and Hawks with a come from behind win for Wanderers after a seven run fifth innings sending them through to the grand final and Hawks left to rally the troops for next week’s game against Eagles.

In the A Grade game Eagles and Wanderers battled for it out for the chance to go straight through to the grand final, Eagles scored five runs over the first four innings to Wanderers one.

Wanderers Troy Harrison replaced Anthony Carroll on the mound holding Eagles to only one more run for the game, at the top of the seventh Wanderers scored two runs to close the gap.

 It was then that the Eagles coaching team decided to replace opening pitcher Taylar Pay with Matt Austin - a move which held Wanderers in check and sealed the Game for Eagles.

Wanderers will take on Hawks next week in the second semi-final.    

A Grade.  Eagles 6 defeated Wanderers 3.

Safe hits Eagles: S Knudsen 2. A Bell 1.  M Austin 1. B Heagerty 1. A Law 1. S Zaccone 1. H Grambau 1. Wanderers: P Gray 2. Joe Fleri 1. J Paul 1. A Job 1. M Ruchel 1. Jordan Fleri 1.

B Grade: Wanderers 8 defeated Hawks 6

Safe hits Wanderers: B Higginbotham 2. T Plumridge 1. J Tonkin 1. H Carroll 1. Hawks: J Morrison 3(1HR). E Langanke 1. C Irons 1. C Williams 1.

C Grade  Eagles 11 defeated Saints 0.

Safe hits Eagles: N Sprat 2. K Roberts 1. T Cooksley 1. J Barrot 1. L Gathercole 1. N Kirk 1. Saints: Colin Clifford 1.