The following are the mid-week pennant results from the Sunraysia Bowls Association competition on Monday October 30.

Division One.

Red Cliffs 72/11 def. Wentworth.. 64/1

Mildura 75/12 def. Coomealla.. 55/0

Irymple 89/12 def. Merbein..50/0.

Ouyen had the Bye.

Division Two.

Underbool..53/7 def. Irymple..49/1.

Euston..61/8 def. Mildura..26/0.

On  Sunday The Bowls Sunraysia Men's State fours  participated in the first days play at Irymple with 12 teams competed in sectional play..

Winners..Section One..  Rob Hogan (Irymple Bowls Club).

Winners..Section Two..Wayne Gardner (Irymple Bowls Club).

Winners..Section Three..Brandon Tyers (Coomealla Bowls Club).

Finals next Sunday at the Irymple Bowls Club.(Knock Out)

Draw as follows with Rob Hogan having  the bye..

Wayne Gardner V Brandon Tyers.