There were a couple of major upsets in Sunraysia Bowls Division One on Sunday with ladder leaders Irymple defeated by third placed Mildura, and Second placed Workers defeated on all rinks by fourth placed Merbein.

Sunday’s round followed a round of Saturday competition as well to compensate for no play next week

Sunday Results Division One..

Workers 52/0   lost to Merbein. 79/12.

Owen Giddings lost to    David Gray..21/24.

Murray Fazulla lost to Max Long..16/26.

Roger Bray lost to Ken Job..15/29.

Red Cliffs 69/4 lost to Coomealla 78/8.

Lance Sharman def. Rod Taylor..20/19.

Mark Deakin lost to Brandon Tyers..21/39.

Shawn Fullerton def. Fred Posgate 28/20.

Mildura    72/10 def. Irymple 64/2.

Mark Eckel lost to Wayne Gardner..25/30

Chris Mitchell def. Neville Hodgetts ..22/16.

Trevor Clarke def. Brendan O'Brien..25/18.

Ladder..Irymple 81..Workers 73..Mildura 66..Merbein 57..Coomealla 26..Red Cliffs 21.

Division Two...

Ouyen 93/10 def. Irymple 48/2.

Mildura 51/0 lost to Workers 90/12.

RedCliffs 55/2 lost to Euston 82/10.

Ladder..Workers 82..Ouyen 75..Irymple 58..Euston 52..Mildura 47..Red Cliffs 10.

Division    Three.

Irymple 84/12 def. Underbool 64/0.

Merbein (2) 80/10 def. Wentworth 58/2.

Nangiloc 77/10 def. Ouyen (2)..57/2.

Ladder..Irymple (3) 77 Wentworth 67.. Merbein (2) 55..Underbool 52..Ouyen (2) 40..Nangiloc 33.

Division Four Results not available at present time.

Saturday’s  Division One.

Red Cliffs. 58/2 lost to Workers. 74/10.

Lance Sharman lost to Owen Giddings.. 17/28.

Ian Lowes Def. Roger Bray..20/19.

Mark Deakin lost to Murray Fazulla..21/27.

Irymple.73/11 def. Merbein. 55/1.

Brendan O'Brien def. Ken Job..28/14.

Neville Hodgetts  Drew with Max Long..20/20.

Wayne Gardner def. David Gray..25/21.

Coomealla 56/2 lost to Mildura 73/10.

Rod Taylor lost to Chris Mitchell..13/29.

Brandon Tyers lost to Mark Eckel ..20/22.

Fred Posgate def. Trevor Clarke..23/22.

Ladder..Irymple 79..Workers 63..Mildura 56..Merbein 45..Coomealla 18..Red Cliffs 17.

Division Two.

Euston 71/10 def. Irymple 61/2.

Workers 109/12 def. Red Cliffs 45/0

Mildura 65/5 lost to Ouyen 65/7.

Ladder Unavailable.

Division Three.

Ouyen 75/10 def. Wentworth 50/2.

Underbool 87/12 def. Nangiloc 46/0.

Irymple 67/4 lost to Merbein 74/8.

Ladder..Irymple 65..Wentworth 65..Underbool 52..Merbein 45..Ouyen 38..Nangiloc 23.

Division Four.

Workers (3) 95/12 def. Mildura (4) 47/0.

Euston (2) 52/2 lost to Irymple (5).94/10.

Mildura (3) 52/1 lost to Workers (4).80/11.

Wentworth (2)..63/2 lost to Irymple (4)..74/10.

Coomealla had the bye.

Ladder..Workers (3) 68..Irymple (4) 65..Coomealla (2) 58..Irymple (5) 52..Workers (4) 33..Mildura (4)..32..Wentworth (2) 28..Mildura (3) 27..Euston (2) 21.