These are the Results of Midweek Pennant played in Sunraysia Bowls on Monday.

Division One. Final Round.

Mildura 75/10 def. Red Cliffs  60/2.

Coomealla 85/12 def. Ouyen 54/0.

Wentworth 51/0 lost to Irymple 75/12.

Ladder. Mildura 105..Irymple 103..Coomealla 82..Red Cliffs 76..Merbein 54..Wentworth 47..Ouyen 37.

Division Two:

Mildura 42/2  lost to Underbool..51/6.

Irymple 39/6  def. Euston.. 36/2.

Ladder..Irymple 49..Euston 46..Mildura 42..Underbool 23.

Two more rounds to play before Grand Final for Division 2.

 Midweek Pennant Division One Pennant Finals, to be played on November 27.

1st.  Semi Final..Mildura V Irymple at Mildura Bowls Club.

2nd. Semi Final..Coomealla V Red Cliffs at Coomealla..