For the first time in around 17 years Mildura will miss out playing in the first Division bowls Grand Final when they succumbed to Merbein on synthetic rinks on Saturday.

Only Mark Eckel’s team was successful after all finals were transferred to synthetic rinks in the hope that play would be possible given the adverse weather forecasts.

There was light rain for the first 30 minutes of play but it stopped and remained fine for the remainder of the the afternoon.

Wayne Gardner could not handle the Red Cliffs surface and lost heavily to Roger Bray as Workers posted a 23 shot victory and go straight to the Grand Final.

Bowls Sunraysia Saturday Pennant Semi Finals Results

Div 1 at Red Cliffs

Irymple 63 lost to Workers 86

Gardner 17 lost to Bray 28

O'Brien 15 lost to Giddings 34

Hodgetts 31 defeated Fazulla 24

Merbein 74 defeated Mildura 66

Gray 22 dfeated Mitchell 21

Long 29 defeated Clarke 20

Job 23 lost to Eckel 25

Workers to Grand Final, Mildura Eliminated. Preliminary Final - Irymple v Merbein

Div 2 at Merbein

Workers lost to Ouyen by 5 shots

Irymple 75 defeated Euston 71

Ouyen to Grand Final.  Euston Eliminated. Preliminary Final - Workers v Irymple

Div 3 at Red Cliffs

Irymple 75 lost to Wentworth 76

Johnstone 27 lost to Behsmann 30

Andrews 22 lost to Weller 26

Lynch 26 defeated Wright 20

Merbein 79 defeated Underbool 56

Watson 29 defeated Gloster 14

Midgely 28 defeated Lockett 22

Bannister 22 defeated Crothers 20

Wentworth to Grand Final, Underbool Eliminated. Preliminary Final - Irymple v Merbein

Div 4 at Wentworth

Irymple 4 51 lost to Workers 3 91

Coomealla 68 defeated Irymple 5 63

Workers Three  to Grand Final, Irymple 5 Eliminated.  Preliminary Final Irymple 4 v Coomealla