Euston bowler Glen Scott, forced to play second division this year in pennant, beat Neville Hodgetts in a first round thriller before comfortably winning his champion of champions quarter final  in the afternoon.

The Sunraysia Men' Champion of Champion Singles were played Sunday at the Euston Bowling Club because of the extreme heat on Saturday when the matches had originally been scheduled.

Results of Morning Games.

Alan Erskine (Nangiloc) def. Chris Mitchell (Mildura)..25/19.

Ian "Butch" Pollock (Workers) def. Fred Guigno (Red Cliffs)..26/15.

Glen Scott (Euston) def. Neville Hodgetts (Irymple)..25/24.

Steve Simmonds (Underbool) def. Geoff Weller (Wentworth)..25/23.

Max Long (Merbein) def. Brandon Tyers (Coomealla)..26/20.

Alan "Sammy" Floyd (Ouyen) received  a bye.

Afternoon Games..

Alan "Sammy" Floyd def. Alan Erskine..25/19.

Glen Scott def. Ian "Butch" Pollock..25/11.

The semi finals and final will be played  Saturday at the Euston Bowling Club.

 1st Semi Final. .Steve Simmonds V Alan "Sammy" Floyd.

2nd Semi Final. .Glen Scott V Max Long.