Coomealla Wentworth got up for its first win by two wickets over Merbein South at Chaffey Park

After dismissing Merbein South for 9/112, Coomealla Wentworth got the runs with four balls to spare as opener Tom Douglas carried his bat through for his score of 48 not out.

Mikldura West was 6/19 at one stage before Callum Humphries, Shane Driscoll and Luke Hickey rallied to take the score to 9/122 cc.

However East opener Josh Deren batted right through after opening to be 62 not out when the West tally was reached.


Irymple 4/134 (Jordan Payne 47 no, Mark  Thomson 41, Daniel Coghlan 32,  Richie Wyld 2/18  defeated  Mildura Settlers 8/132(cc) (Josh Coates 62,  Paddy Keogh 26  Caleb Garraway 3/16, Daniel  Coghlan 2/32)

Coomealla Wentworth 8/113 (Tony Douglas 48 no, Shane Trinick 3/15 Stuart  Watson 2/21)  defeated Merbein South 9/112(cc)  (Tim Smith 2/10 Liam Freeman 2/15 Brady Moore 2/22)

Mildura East 5/123 (Josh Deren 62 no, Tom Vadjla 20, Tom Hope 3/11, Callum Humphreys 2/25) defeated   Mildura West 9/122(cc) (Callum Humphreys 33 no Shane Driscoll 25, Luke Hickey 22, Jake Albrecht 5/21, Jayden Hunt 2/18)

Workers Gol Gol 4/141 (Aiden Calarco 46, Tyson Adamson 30, Shacaya Thomas 23) defeated  Nichols Point 9/137(cc) (Kasouk Aphale 32, Jason Shields 26,  Nick Jensen 4/31, Lauchlan Wade 2/23, Matt Cameron 2/28)