Last Wednesday at the Red Cliffs Golf Club the ladies played a Multiplication Stableford  Bobbie in which Ramsay and Maureen Lee teamed up very well to score 82 points to wine from Helen Wood and Dee Hopkins on 74 points.

Balls went to Judy Dean &Susan Poole and Sue Gathercole & Sally Jones.NTP: 3rd Kath Underwood; 8th Sally Jones; 12th Susan Poole; 15th Susan Poole; 17th Faye Englefield.

In the men’s competition captain Al Rayner was in fine form to win on 39 points from Keith Rogers on 35 points on a countback.

Balls went to Tim Pain  Graham Bamford and Peter Knight.

NTP: 8th Peter Knight; 12th Graham Bamford; 17th Keith Rogers.


Saturday’s game was a Medley Stableford with 72 in the field. 

 In A grade winner  Andrew Wood was on fire scoring 41 points to win from Ken Woosnam on 38 points.

B Grade winner was Mal Blagus on 36 points from Susan Poole on 35 points, and in B grade Fay Ross won on a countback from Peter Knight both on 37 points. 

Balls went to Travis Johns Jill Eyles Helen Wood Kath Underwood  Jeff Scott  David Lloyd  Shayne Dempsey Chris Merlin Ray Pain Dee Hopkins Susan Scott   Suzanne Johns  Paul Dominelli.

NTP: 3rd Josh Bailey  Sally Jones; 8th Mal Blagus  Susan Poole; 9th Graham Lohmeyer; 12th Andrew Bateman Susan Poole; 15th Paul Dominelli  Jill Gleeson; 17th David Filippi  Sandy Wright; 18th Neville Birch.

Coming up this week this Wednesday the ladies will be playing Stroke, Monthly Medal and Putting . The men will play PAR off the White Markers.  

The Red Cliffs Open Tournament this weekend, played on both Saturday and Sunday, an event which is sponsored  by the  Red Cliffs Club.