Round 12 of Sunraysia Football and Netball League games started today with Wentworth playing Mildura at the George Gordon Oval at Dareton in windy conditions.  Red Cliffs had the bye with the remainder of the round to be played next Saturday July 14.

Senior Results

Wentworth                               4.4,  8.5,  11.7,  13.11  (89)

Mildura                                 1.2,  2.3,  2.5,  5.8  (38)
GOALS, Wentworth :
Joel Cullen 6, Philip Byrnes 2, Aaron Duck 2, Colin Andrews 1, Samuel Mason 1, Joshua Dean 1

Mildura :
Heath Caldwell 2, Benjamin Camilleri 2, Tyler Martin 1

BEST, Wentworth :
Joel Cullen, Colin Andrews, Andrew Wall, Samuel Dane, Joshua Dean, Kaine Behr

Mildura :
Tyler Martin, Heath Caldwell, Dylan Murphy, Todd Hughes, Nicholas Minchin, Benjamin Camilleri

Red Cliffs- Bye

Round 12 continues Saturday 14 July

Ouyen United vs South Mildura 
Irymple vs Robinvale-Euston 
Imperials vs Merbein