Ouyen United were too strong for Red Cliffs in the second Semi Final of the Sunraysia Football Netball League game played today. 

Red Cliffs tried in vain to unsettle them with niggling and aggressive football with Dean Jardine off early with an injury.

Ouyen United's win put them straight through to the Grand Final to be held on September 22nd.

Red Cliffs and Irymple will clash next Saturday in the Preliminary Final to be played at City Oval, both teams will be keen for the win to take their place against Ouyen United in the Grand Final.

Results from the senior game is as follows-


Ouyen United                            5.7,  7.8,  11.9,  15.10  (100)

Red Cliffs                              4.2,  6.7,  8.9,  8.12  (60)

GOALS, Ouyen United :
William Farrer 3, Mark Jamar 2, Travis Latta 2, Thomas Morrish 1, Samuel Mead 1, Joshua Gregg 1, 
Bradley  Vallance 1, Josiah Farrer 1, David Gregory 1, Matthew Palmer 1, Ryan Monaghan 1

Red Cliffs :
Jason Kirby 2, Jonty Marciano 1, Ned Duthie 1, Beau Riordan 1, Jake Liston 1, Myles Warmington 1, 
Jake Healy 1

BEST, Ouyen United :
Bradley  Vallance, Andrew Jardine, Joshua Gregg, Josiah Farrer, Mark Jamar, Mitchell Taylor

Red Cliffs :
Michael Quin, Jarrod McGlashan, Todd McKay, Ned Duthie, Daniel Thompson, Christopher Lee