Red Cliffs are out of finals contention in the Sunraysia Football Netball League Senior competition after being defeated by Irymple in windy conditions during the Preliminary Final.

Ouyen United will take on Irymple in what will be Ouyen's third Grand Final appearance in a row

Irymple                                 2.0,  4.1,  8.3,  10.6  (66)

Red Cliffs                              3.3,  4.3,  5.4,  8.7  (55)

GOALS, Irymple :
Daniel Coghlan 4, Jason Hura 1, Nick Mee 1, Shea Allen 1, Brady Oliver 1, James Flack 1, 
Michael Condidorio 1

Red Cliffs :
Jarrod McGlashan 4, Beau Riordan 1, Jake Healy 1, Jason Kirby 1, Samuel Stanbrook 1

BEST, Irymple :
Daniel Coghlan, Ashley Kempton, Ferdinando Cirillo, Todd George, Zachary Wandin, Brodie Jackson

Red Cliffs :
Liam McGlashan, Samuel Stanbrook, Daniel Thompson, Warwick Williams, Christopher Lee, Jarrod McGlashan