Sports Results

Jason Eagle has finished the season on 117 goals one behind his previous best yearly tally after being held to five for the day against Wentworth in the Sunraysia Football League Round 18 game on Saturday.

Sunraysia Football and Netball League

2015 Seniors MILDURA v. IMPERIALS Round 18 - 29/08/2015

Imperials                               1.5,  7.9,  9.12,  13.16  (94)

Mildura                                 3.2,  6.4,  8.6,  11.7  (73)

GOALS, Imperials : Jarrod McNally 6, Thomas Maddocks 3, John Coleman 1, Dylan Darby 1, Alexander Douglas 1, Ryan Hards 1 Mildura : Carmelo Lando 2, Mitchell Rogerson 1, Joshua Dawson 1, Daniel Carmichael 1, Vincent Tassone 1, Jesse Vallance 1, Bohdi Deckert 1, Jack Stewart 1, Anthony  Matthews 1, Henry Kerr 1

BEST, Imperials : Jarrod McNally, Colby Hards, Thomas Maddocks, Ryan Hards, Reece McNally, Kane Cameron, Luke Sicker, Brad Hards, Layne McHugh, Simon Callahan, Jake Cameron. Mildura :Bohdi Deckert, Craig Beggs, Kane Dawson,  Tyler Martin, Joshua Dawson,, Liam Carfora, Jack Stewart, Ilario Cavallo

SOUTH MILDURA v. MERBEIN Round 18 - 29/08/2015

South Mildura                           4.2,  8.6,  13.12,  16.13  (109)

Merbein                                 3.2,  7.3,  10.4,  15.5  (95)

GOALS, South Mildura : Zachary Peake 4, Dustin Gordon 3, Thomas Seaman 3, Daniel Paterson 2, Sam Broomby 1, Dartagnan Hurley 1, Timothy McAuley 1, Nathan Johns Merbein : Jack Fallon 8, Jeremy Weinert 2, Thomas Harradine 1, Ben Duscher 1, Brad Duscher 1, Andrew Arden 1, Anthony Coluccio 1

BEST, South Mildura : Thomas Seaman, Timothy McAuley, Zachary Peake, Jayden Cogan, Nathan Johns. Anthony Gauci, Dustin Gordon, Dartagnan Hurley.  Merbein : Jack Fallon, Jeremy Weinert, Ben Duscher, Leigh Riordan, Brayden Walder, Anthony Coluccio, Thom Harradine.

WENTWORTH v. IRYMPLE Round 18 - 29/08/2015

Irymple                  2.5,  5.8,  8.11,  17.13  (115)

Wentworth             2.3,  6.4,  7.7,  10.13  (73)

GOALS, Irymple : Jason Eagle 5, Todd George 3, Reece Knights 3, Ashley Kempton 2, Liam Garlick 1, Jordan Lehmann 1, Thomas Brownbridge 1, Nick Mee 1 Wentworth : Charlie Ralli 3, Thomas Eltringham 2, Luke Clohesy 1, Derek Smith  1, Colin Andrews 1, Colby Prowse 1, Jake Healy 1

BEST, Irymple : Jason Eagle, Reece Knights, Todd George, James Flack, Jackson Richman, Nathan Hura Wentworth : Colin Andrews, Jake Healy, Warrick Brady, Austin Rigby, Travis Dawes, Luke Clohesy

RED CLIFFS v ROBINVAL/EUSTON  Round 18 29/8/2015 Quandong park. Red Cliffs

RED CLIFFS                             4.4,   9.9,  14.11    20.16 (136)

ROBINVALE EUSTON              4.2,   5.5,   11.6     13.10 (88)

Goals: Red Cliffs:  Jared McGlashan 3, Shannon Motlop 3, JJ Motlop 2, Chris Lee 2, Jarrod Stokes 2, Andrew Lovett, Daniel Thompson, Peter Cua,  Beau Riordan, John Jackson, Robinvale: Aaron McMinnis 5, Colby Mannix 5, Noel Foster, Oliver Draper, Adam Jukes.

Best: Red Cliffs: Andrew Lovett, Jarrod Stokes, Nathan Gowers, Jarrod McGlashan, Jeremy Motlop.  Robinvale:  Michael Zappia, Ryan Middlebrook, Colby Mannix, Aaron McInnes, Jason Groenewald, Jacob Hopley

Irymple overcame a slow start before overpowering Mildura in the  Thirds second semi final played at Kenny Park, Merbein on Saturday.

The Demons added Sam Simmons from the Pioneers to their side and the Demons came out all guns blazing to kick three goals in as many minutes and kicked goal number four at the five minute mark.

But after that the Swallows settled and got back into the game with two goals before quarter time.

In the second term Irymple had most of the play with Liam Garlick getting a lot of the football and Chase Stone, after kicking three behinds, booted a banana bender to bridge the gape to a couple of points.

The Demons just led at half time but Irymple had dominated much of the second quarter and did likewise in the third term to open up a 17 point lead at the last change

A late goal in the final term by Jess Rogerson reduced the margin to 12 points at the final siren,


THIRDS SECOND SEMI FINAL : Played at Kenny park September 5 2015

IRYMPLE      2.4,  4.9,    9.12,    11.15 (81)

MILDURA    5.3,   5.5,    7.7        10.9  (69)

Goals: Irymple :  Liam Garlick 2, Chase Stone 2, Liam Davis 2, Ben Brinsmead 2, Colby Ryan, Sean Stevens, M Millward.  Mildura: Caiden Deckert 3, Tanner Deckert,  Llewin Davis 2, C Millard,  Kofi Lord, Daniel  Stizza, Levi Smith

Best: Irymple: Nando Cirillo, Riley Anderson, Liam Davis, Ben Brinsmead, Tyrone Mitchell, Liam Garlick, Hamish Ryan Dengate, Brad Rogers. Mildura: Sam Simmons, Daniel Stizza, Hayden Murphy,  Todd Griffiths, Caiden Deckert, Llewin Davis, Brandon Dewyse. Marcus DeRosa