Mildura’s side car combination of Warren Monson and Andrew Summerhayes survived intense competition to make the A Final of the Australian Side car championships at Gillman Speedway on Sunday night.

But when riding a borrowed bike, the current World and Oceania champion could do no better than third place in the A final.

Victory went to South Australian Trent Headland with his Mildura passenger and ex-Englishman Daz Whetstone, ahead of former New Zealander Andy Buchanan and passenger Denny Cox.

Monson  only got there when Mark Mitchell lent him his spare bike to ride his final heat after Monson’s bike was damaged in racing incident with South Australia’s father and son team of Dave and Chris Bottrell.

Monson’s bike suffered a broken side car axle, which meant it could not be fixed in time to race again in the title.

The two points Monson gained on Mitchell’s spare bike elevated him to the A final behind former New Zealander Andrew Buchanan and passenger Denny Cox on 14 points and Trent Headland and Dav Whetstone (of Mildura) on 13 points.

Buchanan is riding in the title as an Australian, leaving his New Zealand status a week ago.

The B Final was also a tough affair with the Bottrell’s also causing a stoppage, resulting in a re-run.

The other B finalists were Darren Treloar/Blake Cox, Mark Mitchell/Sam Harrison, all on nine points with the last spot in the race going to Damien Niesche/Mick Spear, who finished on eight points,

A FINAL RESULT: Trent Headland/Dav Whetstone 1;  Andy Buchanan/Denny Cox 2; Warren Monson/Andrew Summerhayes 3; Darren Treloar/Blake Cox 4.

B FINAL RESULT: Darren Treloar/Blake Cox 1; Mark Mitchell/Sam Harrison 2, Dave and Chris Bottrell 3; Damien Niesche/Mitch Spear 4.

OVERALL PLACINGS:   Trent Headland/Dav Whetstone (SA/Vic) 1; Andy Buchanan/Denny Cox (NSW) 2; Warren Monson/Andrew Summerhayes (Vict) 3; Darren Treloar/Blake Cox (NSW) 4; Mark Mitchell/Sam Harrison 5; Dave and Chris Bottrell (SA) 6; Damien Neische/Mitch Spear (SA) 7:  Mark Plaisted/Ben Pitt (SA/Vic) 8, Brodie Cohen/Damian Egan (Qld) 9, Tiger Moon/Adam Lovell (Qld) 10; Rick Howse/Adam Commons (NSW)  11; Arron and Tegan Hartwig (SA) 12 Shane Rudloff/Scott Morris (SA) 13; Grant Bond/Glen Cox (NSW) 14; Russell Mitchell/Andy Gajeck (WA) 15 Mick Headland/Brenton Kerr and Neal Hancock/Brendan Johnson (Vict) eq 16.