Just 12 months ago the Nichols Point Tennis Club was in talks about closing down because of declining numbers.

The old surface was crusher dust and was known to be a bit slippery at times, which wasn’t a great plus to give the Club a future.

It was then that McDonalds owner in Mildura Rob Vigors, who is a member of the Club, stepped in with an offer to assist in resurfacing of four courts.

Club President Aaron Wilkie said that part of the total cost needs to be raised by the club but the majority of the cost has been covered by the generous McDonalds sponsorship

“Additional sponsorship dollars will be raised via individual court sponsorship, fund raisers,” Mr Wilkie said.

“The club has increased numbers this year by two teams which equates to at least 12 new members - more if you include emergency players”

He said the club enjoys the most attractive surroundings in Sunraysia being located next to the Riverside Golf Club with huge gum trees nearby and a population of resident kangaroos.