The 59th Strachan Cup tournament was played in Sunday with 14 entered sides at the Coomealla Rinks..

A slight hiccup at the start of the day when it was discovered that due to a mis-communication one side had been entered twice.

This resulted in the "ring-in" side being withdrawn to even the draw and a change to rinks draws on one green, regardless of the minor drama play still commenced on time.

Eight of the eleven district sister clubs were represented including a few home sides.

Euston, Irymple, Merbein, Mildura, Red Cliffs, Wentworth and  Workers Bowling Clubs gave their support.

 After two games there were only two sides with two games won, both on different greens at the end only 1 remained undefeated.

 Third place was tied at two wins and 59 points, percentage decided the result.

Missing the cut with 94.7% were Ann Dawes, Tanya Gust, David Gust and Vicky Parker.

 Finishing in third place with 104% were the giant killers who knocked the big guns out of first place Thelma Hicks, Graeme Hicks, Ann-Maree Clarke and Trevor Clarke.

In second place were the highly fancied side from Euston with 2 wins & 61 points, Doug Ancrum, Zeke, Tony Scott and Glenn Scott.

Winners of the Strachan Cup with 3 wins and 84 points were Emma Simmonds, Brian Tyers, Adrian Barko and Ken Job.

Organisers are looking forward to seeing more players on the green for the 60th Strachan Cup next year.

Coomealla's next tournament is the five-a-side on Sunday August 20 with entries to Wilga Redpath.