In a thrilling final to the pennant golf competition in Sunraysia, Mildura Golf Club got home by a shot on the 38th hole, winning 3/2 at the Coomealla Golf Course on Sunday.

The game went to the 38th hole for 17 year old Riverside player Jarrad Stokker in his match against Troy Germaine.

When a shot by the youngster went into the rough, he bent down to move a few twigs so he could play his next shot but the ball moved and a one stroke penalty was imposed.

It was this that won the final for Mildura, which was without top player Greg Rhodes, who had umpired an SFNL football game (Irymple and Wentworth) on Saturday before flying out early Sunday morning to participate in a major golf tournament on the Gold Coast this week.

Ashley Whitehouse of Mildura had a win over Steve Willmart, while Lee Fuller of Riverside beat the 16 year old Mildura captain Ed Parker, Cam Stewart of Mildura beat well known district sportsman Tom Vadjla while Andrew Thomas of Riverside was four down at one stage against Andy Stewart before winning five holes in a row to have the pennant tied up at two each.

This forced Stokker and Germaine to the 38th to get a result.

Riverside Golf Club made amends in Division Four with a win over Mildura.