A Mildura mixed martial arts fighter has won his first cage bout at the Adelaide Oval on Sunday night.

Irymple sportsman Riley Payne, 22, made his debut in the caged ring against a fighter from Whyalla, South Australia, who had previously had a couple of amateur fights.

Payne was in the opening 77 kilogram bout on a fight night of 12 matches, five amateur bouts and seven professional bouts.

Payne was given the decision about halfway through round two of a scheduled mixed martial arts fight of three rounds of three minutes duration.

The young fighter is trained in Mildura by Mick Maloney, who has a sports gym located in The Crescent, Mildura East.

Riley Payne is the third local to make it into the caged fighting sport which has revitalised interest in boxing and the martial arts.

Previous locals to get into the caged ring are Jesse Medina and James McGlashan.

Payne’s father, Brendan Payne, who went to Adelaide after umpiring in the SFNL Ouyen United v Irymple game at Underbool on Saturday.

“I was a bit nervous for him”, Payne Snr said. “He hasn’t said anything about a next bout yet but I guess he will do it again sometime in the future”