Exactly a month after having a stent placed in a heart artery, Mildura bowler Mark Eckel beat his traditional rivals in the State Over 60’s singles round in Sunraysia on Sunday.

But he was forced to win his way to the next regional round by coming up against Champion Owen Giddings 21-6 in Quarter Final and then beating his radio bowls show joint host Wayne Gardner in the semi-final.

Defending Champion Peter Mitchell accounted for Brendan Cockfield (Red Cliffs) 21-15 in the quarter final and Mildura's Ken Hayes 21-11 in the semi-final.

The Final witnessed the Red Cliffs synthetics running at a touch bowling pace of 18 seconds which generally suited both combatants with Mitchell and Eckel regarded among the best in Sunraysia on this surface.

But it was Eckel who dominated the final to beat Mitchell 21-8 to win his place as Over 60’s Sunraysia singles champion.

He will now represent Sunraysia at the Divisional level next year.