Speedway competitor Marcus Dumesny was extremely lucky when he crashed Sunday Night in the Col Beasley Classic, feature event of the night at the Timmis Raceway on Sunday.

The meeting was delayed for nearly 40 minutes while the raceway was cleared and the damaged safety fencing was put back to an acceptable condition.

Dumesny lost control in turn three and four on some loose clay pebbles, which sent him into the fence.

Soon after the crash the vehicle burst into flames bur the driver was able to crawl out from the wreckage unhurt.

Result of the Col Beasley Classic A-Main Result:

1 Jamie Veal 🏁

2 Robbie Farr

3 Ryan Jones

4 Shaun Dobson

5 Dave Murcott

Result of the Saturday November 4, Sprintcar Allstars A-main:

1st: Dave Murcott

2nd: Brenten Farrer

3rd: Chris Solomon

4th: Daniel Evans

5th: Phil Lock