Ouyen United footballer Mitchell Taylor has been involved in a horrific on-field accident in a Northern Territory Football League game played in Darwin on Saturday.

Taylor, who plays for Wanderers, was at centre half back in the opening two minutes of the game against Darwin Buffalos.

The ball had been kicked towards Buffaloes player Tai Martin-Page but the pass went wide of him and he attempted to run with the flight of the ball while Taylor was running at full pace to make a contest.

At the last second Taylor went to ground to avoid a head-on crash, with the legs of his opponent hitting his back.

But the momentum of Taylor’s lunge upended Martin-Page and threw him backward and his head slumped to the turf as he lay flat on his back.

Both players lay prostrate on the ground near the centre square line as trainers and medical staff raced on the field.

Players nearby stood stunned not knowing what to do.   Taylor was able to get to his feet a short time later but a people mover was required to remove the badly injured Martin-Page, who was rushed to Darwin Hospital.  The game stopped for half an hour.

On Sunday morning Martin Page  was air lifted to Perth where doctors performed surgery on a dislocated vertebrae in his neck and spinal chord damage.

Doctors said the injured player does not have feeling in his legs.

Video footage of the incident can be seen on the MSN website – https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/he-may-never-walk-again-amateur-footy-player-flown-to-perth-with-dislocated-spine/ar-BBI4TsD?ocid=spartanntp