A tribunal hearing for  Northern Territory Football player Mitchell Taylor who was involved in an on-field collision that left an opponent with the prospect of never walking again has been deferred until next week.

Tai Martin-Page suffered spinal injuries in clash with Mitchell Taylor, who played with Ouyen United in the Sunraysia Football League in 2017 and returned to play with his home club Wanderers in Darwin over summer.

Taylor was reported by the Central Umpire for intentional conduct, high impact on Buffaloes player Tai Martin-Page, who is from South Australia.

The 27-year-old from South Australia was taken to Royal Darwin Hospital before being transferred to Perth for specialist treatment where he underwent surgery on Sunday.

Martin-Page took to social media to update his supporters after the surgery and said he could move his arms and could "feel a little bit in [his] hands".

"Still no feeling or movement in legs though, but the Surgeon said showing good signs but still a long road to recovery," the player said on his Face Book site.

ADL Northern Territory said in a statement that the Wanderers Football Club had asked for a deferral based on the unavailability of their club advocate, and with the support of the Darwin Buffaloes, the tribunal chairman has granted their application.