After being defeated in his first ride of the night by Jack Holder and his last heat by Brady Kurtz, Rohan Tungate maintained his unbeatable form by winning his second round of the Australian Solo Speedway championships at Undera on Wednesday night.

But in the heats it was fellow NSW rider Brady Kurtz who won all five heats to make his second consecutive final in the series.

And for the second time he was excluded from getting extra points when he fell and did not finish the race.

Tungate has a lead of eight points going into the third round at Mildura this coming Friday night.

Kurtz is consistent with 27 points while Max Fricke, who missed out in riding in the final when he was defeated by Jack Holder in the B Final, is third on 25 points.

Current 2017 champion Sam Masters is next with 23 points from Josh Pickering, who has 20.

Still in rough contention for a podium place are Holder with 19 points, Mason Campton on 18 and Jordan Stewart on 16 points.

Stewart did not win a race but four seconds and a third gave him nine points which put him one point ahead overall from fellow Mildura rider Jaimon Lidsey, who fell in the opening race but beat Declan Knowles and James Davies in Heat 19.

Holder missed an opportunity of being in real podium contention when heat 14 when he touched the tape and reserve Mathew Pickering got his only start for the night.

Round Two Points: Brady Kurtz 15, Sam Masters 13, Rohan Tungate 13, Max Fricke 11, Jordan Stewart 9, Jack Holder 8, Matt Gilmore 8, Mason Campton 8, Jai Etheridge 8, Cooper Riordan 6, Josh Pickering 6, Jaimon Lidsey 4, Robert Medson 4, Declan Knowles 3, Joel Coyne 2, James Davies 2, Mathew Kennedy 0.

B Final: Jack Holder 1, Max Fricke 2, Matt Gilmore 3. Jordan Stewart (fell)

A Final: Rohan Tungate 1; Sam Masters 2, Jack Holder 3, Brady Kurtz (did not finish)

Overall points (after two rounds): Rohan Tungate 35 pts; Brady Kurts 27, Max Fricke 26, Sam Masters 23, Josh Pickering 20, Jack Holder 19, Mason Campton 18, Jordan Stewart 16, Jaimon Lidsey 15, Matt Gilmore 14, Jai Etheridge 13, Robert Medson 9, Cooper Riordan 8, Joel Coyne 6, Declan Knowles 5, James Davies 3.