It’s taken only days for new American basketballer Alexis Gassion to impress  off the court and it’s on the cards that it  won’t take long for to impress on the court given her impressive  USA college record.

Gassion (pictured) arrived from Indianapolis after a long flight on United Airlines before making a car trip with Lady Heat coach James Madigan to her new 2018 home at Mildura.

It’s not just Coach Madigan who is impressed with her bubbly personality, but a host of others with friendly Mildura people also getting an early tick from Gassion herself.

The 22 year old basketballer turned professional in September and headed off to Finland for her first assignment.

“It didn’t work,” Gassion admits. “There were only two or three people at the club who could speak English and I was back in America before Christmas.”

But there has been nothing wrong with her efforts on the court and her consistency – not many players can say they’ve played 140 games on the trot.

In four seasons of College Basketball with Indiana Gassion scored 1,343 points and more than 700 rebounds.

In her final 2017 season with Indiana, Gassion shot 46% from the floor, 72% from the foul line and 32.7% from the three point line.

“I’m really liking it here already,” Gassion said. “I’ve been down to Markwell’s and have a new car to drive.”

“While I had a short break from training when I came back from Poland, I was allowed by my former coach to train with the Indiana team recently and now I am here well prior to the new season.”

“I got back from Poland and changed my agent and that’s when Mildura got in contact with me and I committed fairly quickly.”

“I’ve joined a gym and Mildura has a Waves pool so you will find me there a lot,” Gassion said. “Back at Indiana the coach made me take a bath as part of after game recovery and I think that went a long way to keeping me up to play game after game and remain injury free.”

“I’ve settled in and the Association has been very helpful and now it’s down to playing the best I can for my new team.”

“I’ve got a degree in human development and family studies but at this time of life I want to be a professional basketballer and I’ll go at it for as long as I can.”

Gassion said she would celebrate her 23rd birthday while in Mildura this season but being away from home is not a concern.”

“I don’t really want to count birthdays -  at the moment they just come and go.”

Gassion says that the Mildura girls had certainly opened her eyes with their different style of  play – they run the ball down the court so much – they don’t take a break – they just keep going.

“I am not worried about the size of Mildura – the town I grew up back in Ohio – Fairbon – is similar in size,” Gassion says without hesitation.

And a quick check of Fairbon city’s population – 32,000 –which is almost identical to that of Mildura, gives the immediate impression that here is a young lady who knows what she talking about.