As expected Darrin Treloar and Jesse Headland have taken out the 2018 Australian Speedway Sidecar Championship in Tamworth, New South Wales.

The pair capped off a stellar month completing the triple crown, taking home the FIM World Cup, FIM Oceania Championship and the Australian Championship titles.

Treloar and Headland have been in some serious form and after a rain affected Saturday night, the pair didn’t drop a single point on their way to the Australian title, backing up their perfect performances at the FIM World Cup and FIM Oceania Championship.

The effort puts Treloar at the elite level of Australian Speedway Sidecar riders after this was his tenth Australian title, which puts him tied for the most Australian titles with Leigh Adams.

Andrew Buchanan and Denny Cox had to settle for second place in the final after a solid nights riding including a win in in the B Final to get into the main event.,

Trent Headland, brother of winner Jesse Headland and his swinger ex- British rider Darryl Whetstone of Mildura rounded out the podium in third position.

Titleholders Warren Monson and Andrew Summerhayes of Mildura finished in 8th place. Monson’s preparation for retaining his title was made difficult after he broke a wrist two months ago and missed a month of racing.

Another Mildura combination of  Byren Gates and Mick O’Loughlin took a gamble and remained in Tamworth after missing out in Friday night’s qualifying meeting.

Gates, along with Mildura’s Neale Hancock remained in Tamworth to be Reserves for the Saturday top 16 final.

But after the Saturday night event was rained off after four heats, Adelaide’s Mark Mitchell decided to head for home and not race in the re-scheduled final from 12 noon on Sunday.

Race referee Brendon Gledhill then offered Gates/O’Loughlin his spot in the top 16, which they took and this resulted in Mildura Club President Neale Hancock getting some starts (and earning points).

Gates and O’Loughlin made the B Final but crashed out in a great dual when a failed passing move became unstuck.  The pair finished seventh overall in the title.

The Australian Junior Speedway Sidecar Championship was welcomed back to the same meeting as the Senior Championship after a year hiatus, and it was Western Australian brothers Jack and Adam Fewster claiming the title.

The brothers were untouchable throughout the meeting, claiming all their heat wins before taking out the final to put their stamp on the competition.

“It was awesome, Adam and I got the bike set up right for the track and the conditions were basically perfect after the rain the night before,” finished Fewster.

Mildura rider Jackson Milner and Adam Niesche got off to great start, claiming their first two heat wins but just couldn’t match the pair from WA in the final, finishing in second.

Keenan Murphy and Joshua McQuade did things the hard way, having to win the B final to get the last place in the A final. Murphy and McQuade took the final spot on the podium in the A final.

Around 25 mm of rain just after 7pm on Saturday night had caused a section of inside arena flooding, which made the truck unsafe for racing as out of control bikes can only go “infield”

A local earth moving firm worked for around 18 hours to rebuild the track so that racing resumed soon after midday Sunday.