Most of the good Sunraysia Football League players have made themselves available to play interleague football this year.

The players not named are the likes of Brad Vallance and Will Farrer, who are contract players, who are flown in weekly from the Northern Territory.

For them to play the SFNL would be required to pay their travelling costs to Sunraysia for the inter league football and that cost is apparently not budgeted for in an already stretched budget which plans to send a number of teams to Swan Hill for contests later this month.

But on the plus side Imperials star Adam Hartnett has out his hand up to play despite him carrying an injury into the first round this season.

Already there are fitness questions surrounding Merbein coach Jarrod Buckley, who has a hamstring injury for which he has stood out for one week so far and Leon Johnson of Robinvale, who also has a leg injury.

Initial squad. Open to adding/omitting players between now and the final week of training depending on form and injury.

Irymple forward Nick Pezzanitti was also injured during the game on Saturday against Robinvale-Euston.

Interleague coach: Ash Connick

Initial squad (players can be added and removed due to circumstances)

Mildura: Heath Caldwell, Tyler Martin, Chris Morrell, Illario Cavallo

Wentworth: Josh Dean, Nick Jensen, Andy Wall, Zack McGlynn;

Robinvale-Euston: Andrew Richardson, Ethan Gill, Ryan Middlebrook, Daniel Iudica, Leon Johnson

Irymple: Nick Mee, Nick Pezzaniti, Daniel Coghlan, James Flack

Red Cliffs: Brian Fenton, Warrick Williams, Joey Cua Myles Warmington, Beau Riordan, Jonty Marciano             

Ouyen United: Kale Barker, Luke Stanbrook, Josh Gregg, Alexander Morrish, Tom Morrish, Andrew Jardine

 Merbein: Ash Rowe, Jarrod Buckley

South Mildura: Scott Paul, Jarryn Male, Tyler Curtis

Imperials: Adam Hartlett, Thomas Pridgeon, Jayden Fox, Bradley Hards, Colby Hards, Sam Priest, Brendan Rhodes, Sam Butterworth